Pharma TECH Words
Medical Writing and Translation

PharmatechWords’ objective

Pharmatechwords aims to provide high quality intellectual services, its purpose is to optimise/test a disabled person in the ordinary workplace it allows people with reduced mobility to work in occupations related to the pharmaceutical industry in connection with translation, medical writing or other related services depending on what the needs are and other opportunities.

PharmatechWords Sells

Translations of medical documents tailored to a targeted reader, both in terms of language, registry and terminology, simple proofreading and/or thorough proofreading with corrections, critical and methodological analysis of editorial content Medical Device Documents


Science popularization booklet, desktop Publishing: on personal computer, proofreading before publication, writing scientific and medical articles, communication and popularization, according to authors' instructions, depending on the selected journal.

To Whom?

The Pharmaceutical industry, (interest in the cosmetics industry), translation agencies, private medicine developers medical institutions, clinical investigation centres , teaching hospitals, regulatory bodies (HAS, EMA, WHO, ICH and national for particularities related to each population) and seeks to link the Japanese regulatory bodies to the European and American ones.

Expected Break-Even Point

Expected Break-Even Point: 2000 to 2500 words a day between 0,10 and 0,13€ words depending on difficulty; break-even point 7500€ a month. Billing by the hour has to be introduced. Breaks every 2 hours 2h30;Breakdown: 2000€ for oneself, 3000€ for company expenses, 2500€ for fees and taxes. Requires proven and reliable sales techniques.

By Whom?

Persons with disabilities or able-bodied persons who have received adequate university training in translation or medical writing.


With 8 Combe Blanche apartments re-purposed for restricted mobility and reconverted into living space + tailor made office spaces. The size will be sufficient to justify the use of a management team + day carers, allowing employees to be concentrated on the core services of the business. The first step is a simpler AirbNb model for persons with restricted mobility, which will serve as a place to stay for the holidays and staff recruitment, managing the flow of capital and personnel turnover sufficient for a recruitment pool. A follow up process HR person will follow up on progress so long as a CV is provided. If needed for a position the person will duly be notified.

Other Strategies to Consider

Completing my financial education/translation skills in parallel (SFAF, MBA, IOL). Getting a job as a junior medical writer/medical translator to stabilize income and develop skills and know-how.